No wonder more and more people are moving to Idaho. One of our neighbors just enacted a new sugar tax that raises the price on soda by $12 per 12 pack.

Think about that for a moment, you enjoy an occasional Coke and you buy a case for around $9 per case at the local area Costco. In Seattle, where the sugar tax just began, you'd need to pay $18.

Corbin Beets, Townsquare Media

Corbin Beets, Townsquare Media

So far, the only location people can avoid the sugar tax in Seattle is at Costco. But what does this mean for other sugar beverages, like the Seattle based Starbucks? Apparently, some will be taxed while others won't. The new law states that if the first ingredient is milk, then regardless of the sugar amount, it wouldn't be taxed like other sugary drinks.

In an article printed in USA Today, supporters of the new tax say, "the new tax would would reduce consumer consumption of sugary drinks that have little nutritional value and have been linked to obesity, diabetes, and other health problems in some studies."

Meanwhile opponents said a tax like this would hit low income people hardest.

What do you think? Is it government trying to tax away a person's own rights to do something unhealthy? Or is it smart of the government in Seattle to protect people from themselves?

And what about sugar itself, sugary cereals or cookies and pastries are they next?  Why is it only soda and sugary drinks that are being taxed?

What would you do if Idaho installed a sugar tax?  Post your comments below or on our Facebook page!

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