A group of Idaho lawmakers have put forth a proposal to fellow state legislators that would declare pornography, a risk to public health in the State of Idaho.

While this may seem a little random, the motion has already moved to the floor of the House of Representatives for the State of Idaho.

Actually, Idaho isn't the first State to put forth this type of legislation, however it doesn't really outlaw, ban, or "stop" anything porn-related.

Instead of banning the material, the State of Idaho hopes that approval of this legislation will be a "symbolic" statement that motivates local health officials to educate and research the effect of pornography.

Of course we have all heard the stories-- pornography in the home leading to troubled relationships, marriages, and more. But do those effects on a vocal minority call for an entire State government to do something about it? It is technically, anyone's right to view porn as they wish. Should Idaho take their hands and minds off of the issue?

That is for you to decide and let your respective representatives know.

For more on the bill, click HERE.

Find your legislator and their contact info, HERE.

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