A pregnant woman dropped out of her friend's wedding after the bride told her that her baby "bump would be too distracting" to be in her wedding photos.

On Reddit, the 27-year-old anonymous woman explained she and her husband have struggled with fertility issues. When they discovered they were expecting, the woman was excited to tell her longtime friend.

That's when their 20-year friendship began to crumble.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the woman revealed that when she told her best friend, the bride seemed "upset."

"She wasn't too happy that I was pregnant. Her first question [was] if I would fit in my bridesmaid dress," she wrote, adding that the bride-to-be didn't even congratulate her.

The woman did her best to "shrug it off," but things got progressively worse between the pals as the bride's bachelorette party approached.

"I've been exclusively planning it. So, I just reached out with the final details to confirm everything. During the phone call, she tried to make me feel bad that I wouldn't be drinking with the rest of them," the woman recalled.

Eventually, the bride told her she didn't want the woman included in any of her upcoming wedding photos because her pregnant belly would "be too distracting."

"However, she still wanted me to pay for the bachelorette party, help her plan the wedding, and wanted me to do almost everything [the] MOH [does] except be in pictures, and she was debating if she still wanted me to give a speech. She then sent me a bunch of bag-like dresses to choose from as my new dress since I won't need my MOH dress," the woman continued.

In the end, she ultimately decided to step away from her "Maid of Honor duties." The pregnant woman also revealed she is a professional wedding and event planner, and now feels used.

In the comments, Reddit users unanimously agreed she made the right choice by stepping away from the wedding role.

"Hard decision for her but SO DANG EASY for you, right? A wedding is a blip. Being a mom is for the rest of your life. Congratulations, OP! So happy for you and your husband!" one user wrote.

"Not only would I drop out of the wedding, but I'd drop out of this farce of a friendship. No friend worth having would have responded to your happy news with anything less than genuine excitement for you," another commented.

"[The bride] is an awful person. I'm so sorry this is how and when you're finding out. Congratulations (on the pregnancy, not the AH friend)," someone else shared.

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