Hey, Idaho. Are you listening? The White House has a lot to say and it has to do with us.

Sit down at any local restaurant and you're going to notice that one thing is consistent: salmon is on the menu. If you visit other parts of the country, you'll see plenty of seafood and IF there's salmon, it isn't very good. In our neck of the woods, the people LOVE salmon and that is no secret.

We're lucky, here in Idaho, to have some of the best salmon fishing in the world and we're close to water that rivals ours for salmon as well.

A little over a year ago, an Idaho congressman made waves across the nation--as a Republican--advocating for the removal of dams.


 Anymore, everything is a political issue and Mike Simpson took some serious heat from his fellow Republicans for advocating for this. The White House today released a statement sharing that although it may cost $11-$19 billion to remove these dams-- without doing so, salmon runs may never be restored to historic levels. The number of salmon is declining and environmentalists want to do something about it.   Ripping these dams down, according to scientists, would allow for salmon to swim freely to spawn. 



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