Hurricane Harvey, the devastating storm that took such a significant toll on Texas some weeks ago, has displaced hundreds of animals.  As you can imagine, the impact made on families, homes, and shelters has been significant and to many animals, the chances of adoption in these areas has been significantly decreased.

Thanks to the nonprofit animal rescue organization Dog Is My CoPilot, several animals looking for forever homes will be flying into Boise.  The Idaho Humane Society has been saving space for these animals and on Thursday, October 5th (this week), the animals from Texas will be arriving.

Currently, the Idaho Humane Society is expecting 50 animals, primarily dogs with a few cats as well. All of the animals are coming from their current shelters from across Texas. Not only will this help these displaced animals be in a shelter with better chances for adoption but this allows the shelters from which the animals are coming, to have more room for dogs in danger or that have become stray from the storm.

To read more about Dog Is My CoPilot, the nonprofit organization behind this effort, click HERE.

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