If you don't pay your rent, you're bound to be evicted. That's just how it goes. But what happens when a global pandemic strikes the entire globe, impacts nearly every single business and industry in the nation, and leaves you without reasonable income to make ends meet-- even when you otherwise may not have ever had an issue doing so. I don't have to tell you that this is what has been going on since about March of last year-- families and individuals that would otherwise never have needed financial assistance are finding themselves down and out.

Since all of this began and people began losing jobs-- be it temporarily or permanently, the conversation of eviction began. How ethical is it to be evicting people during a pandemic? Is a tenant that otherwise has been perfect really deserving of a cold, hard eviction due to circumstances that everyone across the globe is also feeling?

According to a recent report by Idaho News, evictions right here in the Treasure Valley have continued through the holidays. Do you think that this is ethical? The report found that since September, about 300 eviction hearings have been scheduled between both Ada and Canyon counties.

If you were unaware, the Centers for Disease Control released a moratorium in the fall calling for a halt to evictions as they could be detrimental to public health and the spread of COVID-19.

I'm curious-- is this a time when landlords and property management companies should be more patient with tenants, or is an agreement an agreement?

Are you being evicted? Find  the CDC's pre-made form which may help you, HERE.

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