SNL has been through enough big moments in recent weeks to overshadow our Halloween obsession with David S. Pumpkins, but as the sketch itself insisted, several questions remain. Where did the “S” initial suddenly come from, and how did such a memorably ridiculous idea come to pass? Allow Bobby Moynihan to explain.

The Huffington Post caught up with SNL star and sketch writer Moynihan in promotion of his new movie, Albert, affording several David S. Pumpkins questions in the process. Perhaps most pressingly of all, Moynihan finally explained what that blasted “S” stands for:

We said Simon. David Simon Pumpkins … For no reason whatsoever. It was a lot of the idea of just, ‘Why is this person here?’ Because he is. And we just thought that was funny.

Simple enough. So, was the idea for the sketch itself as intentionally random as the character’s arrival seemed?

Me and Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell were trying to write something together. We like working together. Me and Mikey just wanted to do some weird dancing thing, and it was a lot of weird ideas, and around 5 o’clock in the morning, Mikey just went, ‘What if he was David Pumpkins?’ And then I said, ‘What if it was David S. Pumpkins?’

Moynihan briefly got to reprise his skeleton role for the Mannequin Challenge of Kristen Wiig’s return promos, but is David Simon Pumpkins officially relegated to the past, regardless of when Tom Hanks might return?

In the meantime, SNL will kick off December this weekend with Emma Stone and Shawn Mendes.

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