J.J Abrams started filming Star Wars Episode VII, and I have been seeing pictures all over the internet of new creatures, and these sets that they have been building out in Abu Dhabi! J.J. Abrams is using LESS CG and going BIG BUDGET for this one! One creature is reported to take 5 men inside the belly of this beast to power!


J.J. Abrams On Star Wars



Star Wars fans, what are your thoughts on this J.J Abrams production? I like his production style, I really enjoyed the movie "Super 8", it was very well done. I could honestly tell that he was playing off his childhood imagination. J.J Abrams always has really awesome monsters in his movies, monsters are BA!

I can tell you guys, Episode 1 and 2 of Star Was was BOOTY - aside from the pod-racers!


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