As we round our way into the Final 4 of #KatFight, searching for the Treasure Valley's cutest cat, there's a new study that has confirmed what I always try to tell people: cats are angels and not crazy and mean like dog people commonly like to say.

Common wisdom has long dictated that cats are frostier toward humans as, say, dogs. But a new Oregon State University study thoroughly debunks this notion, proving that felines are apt to get as attached to their owners as canines.

The study involved putting kittens in an unfamiliar room with their owners, then having the humans leave and come back. When the humans returned, secure cats greeted them before going back to exploring the room, while insecure cats clung to their owners.

Overall, Gizmodo reports that two-thirds of the kittens displayed a secure attachment to their owners--roughly the same rate as dogs.

Now, I have two cats. You can follow them on their own personal instagram page @porscheandnala. They don't post often but when they do, it's magic. Anyway, they're eight and I adopted them as baby kitten sisters so we've had years and years to bond. These cats are loyal and sweet angels. Porsche always sleeps at the foot of my bed and Nala always snuggles into my face/shoulder. While they're the snuggliest cats I've personally ever met, I think that all cats are that way. If treated right and loved on continually, they're just as loyal or maybe even more so than the typical dog.

But people will say 'cats are angry and evil'. My response to that? Cats are like their humans. If you're terrible, your pet will probably be terrible. If you're a love, your pet will be a love. Simple.

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