Tuesday's are somewhat of a celebration at KISS-FM. I mean can you blame us for celebrating Taco Tuesday every Tuesday? It is considered work for us because after all we do write about it... lol. The last two Tuesday's have been interesting because Lupita's in Nampa (aka the taco bus) proved to be he holy grail of street tacos with a score of 6 tacos out of 5 (yes it's off the chart). As if that wasn't enough excitement we decided to try something different last Tuesday and The Funky Taco downtown Boise proved to be delicious and different.
Chef Z does a Taco Tuesday special and since a bunch of friends decided to join us for lunch he whipped up 20 tacos in a hurry and put all of us in a food coma. Do not expect street tacos or designer tacos but do expect ingredients so fresh that your mouth will not stop watering. Chef Z's locally sourced ingredients for his salsa make it memorable. He  serves it in mild and hot and it is delicious. One sentence is going to sum this up... I never knew that ground beef tacos could taste so good. BTW the view made the experience that much sweeter. Next time you're downtown Boise on a Taco Tuesday  do yourself a favor and eat at Zee's Rooftop.


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