Aaron Paul

Hulu's 'The Path' Officially Renewed for Season 2 in 2017
Hulu cult drama The Path may not have drawn too big a following since its March premiere, but the Meyerism movement isn’t going anywhere just yet. The network has officially booked the Aaron Paul-Hugh Dancy-Michelle Monaghan religious drama for another rung of the Ladder, debuting Season 2 in…
Triple 9 Premiere
Boise native Aaron Paul premiered his brand new movie "Triple 9" at the Egyptian Theater in Downtown Boise. Fans got a chance to see the action packed flick two days before it's world wide release, as well as snap some photos with the star. Check out all the photos below...
Aaron Paul's Triple 9 Scavenger Hunt
Three time Emmy winner and Treasure Valley super star Aaron Paul called us this morning to give us the full details about his scavenger hunt for Triple 9 Premiere tickets! Here's the 411.
Ask Aaron Paul
If you could ask Aaron Paul one thing, what would it be? Here's your chance. If your question is asked while he's live on the air, you get tickets to his premier of Triple 9! Ask now.