Kandi's Heroic Domestic Escape
I wanted to share my experience with Kandi who escaped Domestic Violence because she couldn't take it anymore. Luckily, someone else made the call that saved her life.
Kandi's Heroic Domestic Escape
October means creepy haunts, pink, and pumpkin spice! This month also signifies the moment we call attention to domestic violence. Check out Kandi's inspirational story that other women to listen to. This woman is a survivor!
When Can I Report Sexual Abuse
We just finished up our annual child abuse prevention campaign and this is when I get the most questions asked. Great information to know about the time periods that you can report molestation. Is there a statute of limitations?
NO MORE Super Bowl Commercial
Some people watch the Superbowl for the game, others the performances and a lot just for the commercials.  This is one commercial that leaked prior to game this Sunday that is nothing to laugh at.
Domestic Violence: Will It End?
Selena Thomas from Nampa just became another casualty of domestic violence.  Suspects have admitted the crime and a community gathers to light another candle.  How many candles must we light before it stops?