New Emojis Are Here
You will soon be able to speak in "face palm" add the avocado and shrug through text. I plan to keep checking for updates on my phone so I can have these ASAP!
Just Announced: The Apple iPhone SE
It's smaller with the same capabilities as the iPhone 6s. Big. Small. We don't know which direction to go but a bunch of announcements and new products were announced by Apple just this morning. We have the release dates!
Should I Buy An Apple Watch?
It's PAYDAY!!! Best Buy has an incredible $100 off deal on the 38 mm Apple Watch Sport. With most of my Christmas shopping behind me, I can afford to treat myself to one if I want it.  But should I?
The Taco and Middle Finger Emoji Is Here!
IT'S FINALLY HERE! All caps necessary. The taco emoji, the unicorn, the eye roll, the middle finger, the actual emojis that express everything we want in life are finally available in the new iOS 9.1 update. Did I get all of them?