Boise State University

Boise State is Under Water
The water is gushing out onto University in front of the SUB and when a fire truck approaches the scene - there goes the road. It actually broke.
Bronco Night is Tonight!
Feel that? It's back to school time and the city is filling back up again - and it's not about the eclipse this time. Boise State welcomes all first year students with a big party that we're hosting!
Celebrate BSU Prof. Sam's Life
Sam changed lives. There's no other way to put it. While he was infusing energy, hope, love and life into others, he was unable to turn it around onto himself. This was ultimately what led to the end of his life.
BSU for Dept. of Defense
What's in Boise? Well, only a group of Boise State students working on a tool for the department of defense in the hopes of creating something to protect our military.

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