Facebook Dating is Here, and It's Free
Dating on Facebook and potentially instagram?! Oh, this could get interesting really quickly. I can already hear the fights "Oh.. you started following that girl because you want to see if she has a secret crush on you?! Okay.. go follow that girl then!"

New Mural on Green Belt
One of my favorite parts of Boise is Freak Alley, because it's just so different and a fun take on simple alley ways. Anytime you can add color, detail and something different to something simple like a wall or an underpass, it just completely changes the vibe.

Boise Chiropractic Office Closing
Just when you think you've found your spot, it closes. I started going to The Joint Chiropractic Boise office just over a month ago after some terrible neck/shoulder pain crept up on me, and since being adjusted by their chiropractors, I feel so much better.

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