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My Family and I Just Had COVID, Here is Our Experience
This post is in no way a political post, nor is it trying to sway anyone one way or another on getting the vaccine. This is simply a true telling of me and my families experience of what we went through having COVID-19. We are all ok now, and while it was close at one point, none of us had to go to the hospital. That being said there were times when it was a pretty scary and worrisome experience.
Why are Rapid COVID Tests so Hard to Find? My Son and I Waited in Line for 5 Hours to Get One
While there are more places than ever administering the tests, getting the results as mentioned before is taking time. When waiting to see if the virus is present or not and if you need to think about keeping your family quarantined too, 3 to 4 days can seem like a very long time. I opted to hunt down a rapid test for my son and I. It took me a lot of research to even find places that do the rapid testing. However it didn't help much, even after finding them I realized most of them were booked out with appointments for days and days. Not get me results any faster then just going the regular way and waiting the 4 days for a lab.