dear keke and kat

Dear Keke and Kat: My BF Gave Me An STD
Whewwww chile. I would NOT BE HAVING THIS!!! So you mean to tell me.. this man knew he had a sexually transmitted disease, and rather than taking care of it (if it was treatable) and/or letting his girlfriend know, he just.. spread it to her?? And didn't disclose anything??

Dear Keke and Kat: Girlfriend is a Germaphobe
I mean.. three showers a day isn't too excessive.. right?! Some people already take two if you're working out a lot or playing sports.. I don't know! Would you stay with someone who was a germaphobe? There's worse things, right??

Dear Keke and Kat: Boyfriend Blocked Me
Let me just say, I would RIOT. Why would anyone have a reason to randomly block their GF on Insta, or any social media platform?! Sounds sus, sounds like he's hiding something, and I don't trust it.

Dear Keke and Kat: Pregnant GF Is Anti-Vaxxer
You're having your first baby with your girlfriend who you love! It's the most exciting time of your life! Then you realize: you guys have different viewpoints when it comes to a major life decision: will they vaccinate their baby or not?

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