dear keke and kat

Dear Keke and Kat: Coworker Ruining My Job
We've all dealt with a less-than-ideal coworker situation. Sometimes your colleagues just aren't your favorite people, and there's nothing wrong with that! But when someone is totally wrecking your work experience and affecting your productivity, there's a problem.

Dear Keke and Kat: My BF Gave Me An STD
Whewwww chile. I would NOT BE HAVING THIS!!! So you mean to tell me.. this man knew he had a sexually transmitted disease, and rather than taking care of it (if it was treatable) and/or letting his girlfriend know, he just.. spread it to her?? And didn't disclose anything??

Dear Keke and Kat: Girlfriend is a Germaphobe
I mean.. three showers a day isn't too excessive.. right?! Some people already take two if you're working out a lot or playing sports.. I don't know! Would you stay with someone who was a germaphobe? There's worse things, right??

Dear Keke and Kat: Boyfriend Blocked Me
Let me just say, I would RIOT. Why would anyone have a reason to randomly block their GF on Insta, or any social media platform?! Sounds sus, sounds like he's hiding something, and I don't trust it.

Dear Keke and Kat: Pregnant GF Is Anti-Vaxxer
You're having your first baby with your girlfriend who you love! It's the most exciting time of your life! Then you realize: you guys have different viewpoints when it comes to a major life decision: will they vaccinate their baby or not?

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