Elf on the Shelf Idea: Donut Regret
The holidays have so many temptations. Donuts are definitely one of them. I may be projecting through my elf. I didn't leave this out for my son (don't wanna go there with him) but I did it for us adults. Don't judge - it was a weak moment in so many ways.
Elf on the Shelf Idea: Whoopee!
Once I started with bathroom humor and my son thought it was funny, I stooped to his level and totally kept it going. This was a one-eye-open type of night where I forgot about the elf and had to do something really easy.
Guide to the Holidays for New Couples
Chris Cruise has a girlfriend! This time of year brings people together but since it's the holiday season, you can really screw things up if you don't do it right. Not to be negative but I know Chris and he needs a little hand-holding in this department. I'll share with you.
Elf on the Shelf Idea: Brush Your Teeth, Kids
When it comes to these Elf on the Shelf setups, it's all about sending a message to our kids. My son will actually wet his toothbrush and say he brushed his teeth. I thought that was only done in movies. Guess not. This is a message from Santa through the elf.
Cruise & Box Raised Money Behind the Bar!
What started as an off-the-wall idea of Chris and I bartending at The Balcony turned into a fundraiser for suicide prevention. With so many amazing people coming out and helping, we were able to raise $1,255.50 that will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Idaho Chapter.
Dreading Post-Election Thanksgiving?
It's the family that has been seeing your Facebook posts throughout the election but hasn't had an opportunity to talk to you about it. It's the family you so rarely see - by design. It's the family you'll spend Thanksgiving with again this year. How do we survive hearing fr…

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