Watch the Terrifying Opening Scene From ‘IT’
IT is the biggest horror film of the year, and if you still haven’t seen Andy Muschietti’s surprisingly great adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel (doubtful, you’re smart people), then perhaps the opening scene from the movie will persuade you…or maybe it…
Spookiest Place to See "It" in The Treasure Valley
The movie "It" has broken all sorts of records and is receiving amazing reviews. If you haven't seen it, I think I've found the best/creepiest place to watch it in the Treasure Valley. If you like to be scared, your mind will mess with you at this place.
‘IT’ Review: A Scary Good (and Surprisingly Fun) Remake
Stephen King adaptations are a dime a dozen these days (almost literally; rights to his books are famously cheap), but a good Stephen King adaptation, like a properly cooked steak or a movie where Harrison Ford is actually awake, is exceedingly rare. Of the two adaptations of beloved King novels rel…