kat fish

#KatFished: Episode 17- Shayla vs DJ
Shayla found some Tinder notifications and DJ lied his way out of it, then her friend saw him at a bar with another girl and again he lied his way out of it. So is he actually on Tinder?

#KatFished: Episode 16- Leah vs Will
Take evvvvery single NOPE I've got. This guy really finessed his way into living at Leah's apartment just a few weeks after meeting on Tinder. And he's STILL getting Tinder notifications.. so what's up?!

#KatFished: Episode 14- Carly vs Steven
Most people are excited to be out of college soon for the summer and finishing up with finals, but not Carly. She's at BSU, and her boyfriend Steven is at ASU. Before he's home for the summer, Carly wants to make sure he wasn't getting into any extracurricular activities while he was …
#KatFished: Episode 12- Danika vs Brady
Danika and Brady have been off and on for a while. She broke up with him after she realized she wasn't ready for a relationship. But now they're back together, and he's still on Bumble it looks like after her friend sent her a screen shot of his profile.

#KatFished: Episode 11- Paige vs Elliott
I'd be pretty upset and embarrassed if I saw my boyfriend show up on my friend's Tinder feed too, but is Paige really dating Elliott? Kat goes Fishing and ends up finding out wayyy more than we thought.
#KatFished: Episode 8- Tieraney vs Chris
Chris has been struggling with self confidence and thinks that he's not good looking enough for Tieraney. So Tieraney wanted to let him know how many girls would be interested in him my making him a Hinge account to show him! But then.. he changed the password and started messaging girls!

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