kiss of kindness

Neighbor Saves the Day for Little Boy - Kiss of Kindness
We all head out in life with the best of intentions - especially when it comes to our kids. When we realize that we can't give them what they need, we'll do whatever it takes to find a way to change it. In this Kiss of Kindness moment, a neighbor knew just what to do.
Kiss of Kindness for the Best Neighbors in Idaho
Has something happened to you that is so great that you want to tell anyone who will listen? Tell us! We will feature your story like this one about McKenzie's neighbors who, despite how busy they are, take care of her lawn without asking for any recognition.
Local Business Owner Saves the Day for Woman Living in Car
A woman who was told her car would be towed because she had way too many parking tickets couldn't convince the tow truck driver and the meter reader to understand why she had parked there for so long. She was living in her car. That's when a man we all know of came along to save the day.
KISS of Kindness
Random acts of kindness. Spreading joy. Being a good person with no expectations. That's what KISS of Kindness is all about. Your gestures can be whatever you choose them to be - just make a move to spread joy. Download this card and share.