mothers day

happy mother's day wifey
Happy Mother's Day! I know it was yesterday, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this. Here's a message to my amazing wife and our son's unbelievable mother. She is truly an inspiration to us.
Open Letter to My Mom
It just happened that I could have my mom in town for Mother's Day weekend. She came in from Spokane, WA where I grew up. Whenever I talk to my mom, I think of all the things I didn't realize she's done so I wanted to thank her for the experiences I've had growing up.
Mother's Day Brunches
If you're great at making French Toast, pancakes, omelets, etc, go ahead and make Mom breakfast in bed.  If you suck at it and are likely to burn your culinary creation, take mom to one of these incredible Mother's Day brunches or dinners instead!
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