New Year's

3 Books I'm Reading To Start My Year
In past years I've challenged myself to read a book a month. This is problematic, because I'm almost positive I have ADD and can almost never stay focused while reading. But when I really get into a book, I can't stop reading until it's finished.
Top Trendy Diets for 2019
January is the time of the year that gyms and weight loss programs thrive. Everyone wants to lose weight and be healthy in the new year. Leave their holiday eating patterns in the past.
Why I Don't Do New Years Resolutions
January 2nd. Your social media feeds have been filled with "new year, new me" and your friends' top moments of 2018 via 78 clicks on their IG stories. (Seriously.. when and why did that become a thing?!)
Fine Your 2016 #BestNine
I think we can all admit 2016 was full of it's ups and downs. Maybe the election results got your down or you couldn't possibly handle another one of your favorite celebs passing away.  With all the negativity that surrounded last year, you may forget some of the best times you had in…
New Year's Day at Bogus
So there I was, the only person at a restaurant called Primanti Brothers in Youngstown, Ohio who was actually watching the Idaho Potato Bowl when I had the brilliant idea to spend New Year's Day at Bogus!
In 2016 I Will…
Like Tawsha, I normally think that New Year's Resolutions are cliche and often fall apart because life gets in the way but after a challenging 2015, there are some things I will absolutely make a point to do in 2016...
Ideas for Our New Years Party
New Years Eve is just around the corner and the parties are being planned. We want to ring in the new Year with you, and we want you to be a prat of the process.
The Year Of The Vision Board
I suck at New Year's resolutions.  Why?  Because most of mine aren't really the literal definition of a "resolution," a firm decision to do or not do something.  Mine are more of goals and that's why in 2015 I'm making a vision board instead of a …