BSU Alum Signs HUGE Deal with NFL
Doug Martin is an alum of Boise State and the NFL's second-leading rusher so when the time came to offer a deal, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't waste any time. The deal is giant!
Mijo Makes A Bet With Keke
You read the title right. I made a bet with Keke over a football game this weekend, and even though it's a small bet it's really up to bragging rights. Watch the video below.
Weird Superstitions
It's Blue Friday for me. This weekend at exactly 11:05am on Sunday, I will be sitting in front of the TV with the same pants I've worn for each Seahawks win (they are Christmas pants), the same shirt I've been wearing and even the same socks. Do you have a "thing&quo…
Let's Pick Winners, Shall We?
We're getting closer to the end of football and the excuses that you have to make buffalo wings and have chips with cheese dip are here. That's not it, I'm just saying that I'll have to come up with other excuses. Let's pick the winning teams (who really knows anymore?) and …

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