phone jibba

Phone Jibba: Dog Licked the Wedding Cake
Melissa’s daughter is getting married and Rick calls to tell her that he is delivering the wedding cake… there’s just one problem: our dog accidentally licked it, but we fixed it with new icing!
Phone Jibba: Car Talk
Rick calls up a car dealership and asks for help deciphering the “fast talk” legalese at the end of their radio commercial.
Phone Jibba: Loud Pet Eater
Rick calls Michelle to ask her if she has a pig in her apartment because the neighbors are complaining about loud eating noises coming from her place.
Phone Jibba: Pause the Movie
Rick calls the box office of a local movie theater and tell them he's alone in theater 8 and wants them to pause the movie so he can use the restroom. It’s URGENT!

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