the village

KISS at the Grand Opening of H&M!
Where there's shopping, there's us! H&M is opening at the Village at Meridian and we just had to throw a pre-party. Our party started with coffee, hot chocolate and sweets from LaCreme because it felt like Antarctica for the first part of the morning but then The Counter came throu…
Gather at the Village
I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I feel a certain amount of affinity with the Village at Meridian.
In the fall of 2103, Eagle Magazine assigned me to write an article about the emerging Village on the prime corner of Eagle and Fairview, one of the Treasure Valley&Clos…
Live for 175 Day 1 [PHOTOS]
Live for 175 2015 has finally started! Join KekeLuv from now until April 24 to help spread the word and raise awareness to stop child abuse! Come down to The Village in Meridian and help KekeLuv cycle the way through the next week and break the cycle...
Pet A Boo Looza
Does your oh-so-cute pet rock a Halloween costume better than any other? If so, submit a photo of your pet in costume and win big!