This is What You're Voting On Today
It's election day today in the Treasure Valley. This is all about the schools. They are hoping to get your approval on being able to spend, expand and reorganize. You make the call today - your vote counts.
Boise Votes
Idahoans all over the Treasure Valley are hitting the polls, and doing what every red-blooded American has the right to do: Talk about it on social media.
Save the Day: Celebrities Ignite Vote Campaign
Are you ready for this election to be over? Well, it will be in a few hours and the outcome is up to you whether you know it or not. I've watched these videos and there very powerful. This is a must see with a giggle when you're done. Save the day, November 8, 2016.
Mobile Voting Unit Guide
This is it! Today is your final day to vote at the mobile voting unit. It's called "food truck voting" and it may be the simplest thing I've ever done. Here's what to prepare for and where the truck is today.