Womens and childrens Alliance

Your Jeans Make a Statement on Denim Day
Denim matters today. You're wearing your jeans, jacket or looking like old school Britney Spears to make a statement. This day started with one woman who was accused of consenting to a crime because her jeans were tight. Ladies, most importantly, we can stand together.
Boise Women Inked Their Voice
A crowd gathered early Saturday morning starting hours before the first tattoo. Some traveled six hours just to stand in line to be the first 100 people to tattoo "Nevertheless, she persisted" on their body and donate to the Women's and Children's Alliance.
We Rocked the Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the WCA
Once upon a time, Zack from Black Rock Coffee met with Emily from the Women's and Children's Alliance. The two came up with an idea to throw a Christmas party collecting donations and wish list items for children and moms in the Treasure Valley so they could live happily ever after. Last n…

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