Donald Trump may have the rest of the world convinced that he will be the next President of the United States, Idaho can't spell this one word - or at least googles it the most in order to spell it correctly and Justin Bieber is being sued over his song, "Sorry". 



We have a secret. Over 100 people know the secret after receiving the envelope. The secret envelope. Today, you can find out at 3pm with Kekeluv.

Starting on Wednesday, the city of Boise will start with their on-street parking prices based on demand. The meters will be stickered according to zones. You’ll still get the first 20 minutes free but some of them are 2 hour limit with a price increase the second hour. A complete breakdown is HERE. 



It looks like Calvin Harris’ car accident was a little more serious than he was letting on. A VW Beetle crossed over the center divider and crashed into the SUV he was riding in. Calvin went to the hospital for minor injuries including a cut on his nose. Calvin has cancelled two more shows in order to recover from the accident.

Johnny Depp is currently promoting Alice Through the Looking Glass (in theaters today). This is all following the death of his mother and his wife’s divorce filing. He issued a statement via his rep "Given the brevity of this marriage and the most recent and tragic loss of his mother, Johnny will not respond to any of the salacious false stories, gossip, misinformation and lies about his personal life.”

Justin Bieber and Skrillex are being sued by Indie artist Casey Dienel (known as White Hinterland) for using “unique characteristics of the female vocal music on their hit ‘Sorry’.” Not only does she want money but she also wants Bieber to stop playing the song. Compare the two.




A Halloween supply company in China that makes masks are working on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faces. The factory is making more Trump masks because they feel like they will sell out. When a reporter went into the factory, a man working there was asked if he knew whose face he was making, he responded, “It’s the President of the U.S., right?”

For the third year in a row, there was a tie at the Scripps National Spelling bee. The rules for the spelling bee declare that if the final two go 25 rounds without a winner, they will be co-champions. The two both won on words I can’t pronounce.

Most misspelled word in Idaho – Desert

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