Middle school teacher gets busted for twerking and drinking with students. You'll never guess the punishment and what about lap dances?I've actually seen the Lifetime Movie about the teacher who crushes on a student.  The only difference is she kills the student and it's crazy drama!  The teacher frames the girlfriend of the guy and the story goes on.  Teacher is super hot too. That was also a high school story.

This is NOT a movie and the teacher ISN'T educating high school seniors.  Courtney Spruill, was busted not for teaching, but partying with students in middle school.  The report allegations include: Twerking, Drinking and being given lap dances by students.  There is also this drinking and driving incident with a student, but who's keeping scandalous score.  I wonder what you think the punishment should be?  These stories are more and more in the limelight and each time I'm baffled by the swift lack of punishment some of these teachers receive.

Spruill, was suspended for 15 days.  My dad would have grounded me LONGER just for staying out past curfew.  Look, I don't mind giving the benefit of doubt when teachers try to relate and break through to students creatively.  It's a tough task and more difficult today with all the distractions.  However, drinking with students that are the age of my nieces and nephews is beyond too far.  I don't care if she wasn't serving them.  You have to stay away from this.  Would we be giving a male teacher 15 days if he were twerking and letting little girls give HIM lap dances?  HELL NO.  That doesn't even mention the fact there was a party and somehow this was allowed.  There is supposedly cell video footage that I'm sure will surface.

Teaching is a thankless job.  They typically don't get paid anything and yet spend more time in the day with OUR kids.  You could argue that teachers make the biggest impact on our children growing up.  Responsibility comes with the territory.  There are certain boundaries you must follow when you teach.  I would also caution the school board for setting such a low standard on future teachers.  15 days is barely a slap on the wrist and actually laughable.  Expect backlash from at least one of the parents.  That's all it takes to get EVERYONE fired.  Who's the real victim here?  The students or the teacher?

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