A teenage girl was devastated after her future aunt, Olivia, told her she needed to lose a "good amount of weight" in order to be included in her bridal party.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the girl claimed her uncle's bride-to-be said she would "ruin the pictures" if she didn't lose weight ahead of the event. The teen explained her soon-to-be aunt texted her asking if she had "managed to lose some weight" so she could "include" the teen in the wedding.

"I didn't reply as I thought she was mean, and they were going to visit us the very next day," she wrote via Reddit. "When Olivia saw me she told me she's so excited that I can be in her wedding party which sounded weird because she was the one coming up with the arbitrary exclusion rule. Later that day she told me that she's happy that she could motivate me to lose weight and said it's a great feeling when you see how you've influenced someone to better their lives and she hopes that I get to influence someone this way too."

The 16-year-old noted she had already lost some weight ahead of her uncle's wedding, but not because her future aunt wanted her to. After growing annoyed with the woman's snarky comments, the teen "politely" declined her invitation to be in the wedding party.

"She seemed offended, but asked 'why?' I said I'm just not comfortable. She said [uncle] 'Barry wanted you there, not me and anyone in your position would've been thrilled, you're weird,'" the teen continued, adding she texted both her uncle and Olivia to let them know she would not be participating "in any wedding related activities."

"Uncle Barry called me immediately asking me what's going on and I told him that I felt bullied by Olivia (both back then and now) and if we don't get along then what's the point of being there if it makes both of us uncomfortable. When he asked for specifics I told him everything (both her ultimatum from last year and then now trying to take credit for it)," the girl shared.

She noted her uncle agreed his future wife "was wrong on both counts" but pleaded with her to forgive Olivia.

"I told him that he can't apologize on her behalf and after all of this I've lost all excitement so what's the point? Apparently uncle Barry and Olivia had a fight because he was upset, and Olivia called my mom telling her that I lied to uncle Barry that she mistreated me. Word of this has spread, and now my 3 other cousins have also said they won't participate in solidarity with me (I never asked them to do this) but Olivia accused me of organizing it anyway," the girl continued.

The teen added that her mom has "taken Olivia's side" and told her she's being too dramatic, needs to apologize and is "ruining" her uncle's wedding.

In the comments, Reddit users were frustrated that the teen's family didn't stand behind her.

"This entire situation is ridiculous. How tf is a 30yo woman body shaming a teenager and thinking it's okay?... You didn't overreact and I'm sorry your uncle is trying to make you 'forgive' Olivia so things are easier for him. I'm sorry you aren't being properly heard and validated by those two family members," one person wrote.

"Your mom should be SUPPORTING you in this. Olivia was being downright horrible to you. Stick to your guns. You've stood up to a bully and 'OH NO The bully doesn't like it!' She's over 30. Time for her to learn there's consequences for being an awful person," another commented.

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