While scrolling through Facebook last night, like most nights, I came across an interesting article that I decided to "save" for later. I typically look at them the next day when I'm more awake.

The headline reads "The Richest Person in Each State for 2017".   Can you guess who it is--right here in Idaho?

If you had to guess, who would it be? Boise State Football head coach Bryan Harsin? The Governor, Butch Otter? How about one of those big executives over at Winco, Albertson's, Micron, or another Idaho-based multi-million dollar company?

All of my guesses were wrong--according to this list compiled by financialhub.co and in fact, I've never even heard of the man worth $1.9 Billion here in Idaho. His name? Frank VanderSloot.

According to this list, he is the founder and CEO of Melaleuca Inc., a company that makes products that are environmentally friendly.

You can read more about the company, HERE.

See the results for more states, by clicking HERE.


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