Obviously there are babies with some pretty cringey names all over the place but Idaho parents may be leading the way in this category. A woman named Jessie who used to live in Rexburg began doing the lord's work when she started tracking this trend coming out of southern Idaho.

In an annual publication all the babies born in the previous year in Rexburg and Idaho Falls are announced in the local paper. Jessie started documenting some of the worst babies names published and shared them on her own personal blog for the rest of the world to humorously question. "There's a culture there, and in surrounding areas (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, UTAH) of people giving their children all manner of atrocious made-up and misspelled names," her blog reads.

From 2007 - 2017 Jessie kept track of the names online. She has since moved from Rexburg but has updated us with content on TikTok rounding out the all time worst baby names to ever come out of Idaho in the past ten years.

In another video, Jessie explains that most of these follow the predominant trends of baby naming in the Mormon religion. "The basic formula is that there are a number of sounds that are apparently pleasing to the Mormon ear that can be combined into a two-syllable baby name," Jessie says. She even made a chart to illustrate how the "mix-n-match" baby naming strategy works!

Here's the complete list of names mentioned (it's a long one). Be sure to watch her TikToks though for the pronunciations which makes it all that much more cringey when you hear them out loud.

At the end of the day, to each their own I guess!

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