If you love our local Idaho hot springs, you may be able to enjoy Skinny Dipper a little bit longer than expected!

Despite the local hot springs announcing their closing last year due to concerns about human health, safety and the degradation of nature around the hot springs, local groups have filed appeals and proposals in order to keep the local hot spot open.

To the surprise of many, you can STILL visit Skinny Dipper, at least for the next few weeks!

Growing Change has emerged as the leading group in favor of preserving Skinny Dipper as a natural hot-water recreation spot and their efforts in appealing the closure have kept the hot springs open.

Growing Change is working on a proposal which would include incineratior toilets by the pools and other eco-friendly additions, in order to keep Skinny Dipper open for the long run.

In the meantime, it looks like although Skinny Dipper’s closure was set to potentially take place last year, guests can still enjoy this natural marvel for the month of June if not longer.

Have you ever visited Skinny Dipper? Chime off with your favorite memories at the local hot springs in the comments!

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