Father's Day is coming! Here's my shout out to all my father's in the Treasure Valley and those moms playing both parts.

I received a special gift as we move towards Father's Day and wanted to share this extra special story. We plan to adopt this little tradition because it brought me to tears.

My father passed away at a very early age almost 20 years ago and it's just something that still hurts deep inside. I've never really gotten over it but who "gets over it". I will forever struggle with movie scenes where the dad dies. I've yet to watch the finale of "Parenthood" and don't think I ever will.

My wife's father has become the closest thing to my dad and often feels like I'm with my own. If you wanna be a great man, surround yourself around great men. I'm lucky.

I'm a father now and my kids get to say, "happy father's day daddy!" That's a very exciting moment for me and my wife makes it very special for them. I'm lucky.

That's not the case for so many other families around the country and right next door. I received a DM recently and a mother asked me a question that touched me deeply.

DM from Listener

My heart sank and then filled up with hope. What a great mom. These little girls came with their mother and dropped off a gift for me. They adopted a dad and it was me. I tear up thinking of it because a loss is so difficult to deal with. I'm still dealing after all these years and these angels will go on forever wondering.

I wanna thank them so much ❤️What a great surprise and a wonderful tradition. This is from the bottom of my heart and my entire family, Muah 💋

Father's Day Adoption



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