As Florence sets its sites on the Carolina's, I am truly grateful that we don't live in an area of the country where we have to worry about natural disasters such as Hurricanes. Having lived in Florida for many years, I am familiar the with stress and anxiety associated with a hurricane heading straight for your city. Again, I don't believe we have to worry about a hurricane hitting Boise (even though we have felt the ripple effects of past hurricanes) but for fun, what would happen if a hurricane were headed for Boise? Here are three things I think would happen.

1) The Governor would declare a state of emergency, and preparation begins. In parts of the country where hurricanes are common, cities are well prepared for a natural disaster such as a hurricane. Supplies, shelters, and even the cities infrastructure are well equipped to handle the aftermath of a hurricane. But what about Boise? I think in the days leading up to the storm, large areas such as the Boise Townsquare Mall, The Ford Idaho Center, and the Taco Bell area would be set up as shelters for displaced residents whose homes might be destroyed in the storm. The city would start collecting supplies such as bottled water, and non-perishable food items. Clear evacuation routes would have to be set-up before the storm (assuming phone lines and internet goes down).

2) The city would experience supply shortages. This has happened every time I've been in the path of a Hurricane. Imaging mile-long lines for gas, only to find out the station has run out. The shelves at supply stores such as Home Depot and Lowes would be left barren and even common items such as bottled water would be impossible to find.

3) Evacuation. Think traffic on 1-84 is bad now, wait till evacuation is ordered. While some in the city may choose to stay in the area and brave the storm, a large amount of the population would seek safety out of the projected path of the hurricane. In addition, hospitals, and nursing home may also choose to evacuate their patients. After the evacuation, the city would be eerily quiet as those who chose to stay waited.

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