When the nominations for the Best of Boise came out, we took note of it but didn't think too much about it on a personal level. Well, not until someone told us not to worry about it because we couldn't get in anyway. Is that true? Today is the last day to nominate. I'm wondering if they were right or if you can make it happen. 

One of the first options for the Best of Boise nominations is Best Local DJ or Radio Personality. It's not in our nature (and hasn't ever been) to promote ourselves or ask for recognition. Having said that, I'm trying to figure out what it is I'm about to do.

Am I being competitive? Are my feelings hurt? Am I getting all mama bear?

After hearing that it's probably not going to happen that we would be nominated for anything as far as Boise's Best, we're wondering if it's actually possible. We don't think we will win nor do we think we are the best but we do think something like this is at least possible. What do you think?

Today is the final day to nominate HERE.


I just read this to Chris, who is spouting all sorts of motivational quotes and he said that my opinions are completely different from his.

This is Chris: "We are the best. We are going to win. #believeinyourdreams"

Clearly we are two very different people.

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