One in five Idaho public school students have seriously considered suicide. This is beyond not OK. A new law that just passed could be the answer.

Things aren't getting better, they're getting worse. Shannon Decker from the Idaho Suicide Prevention Coalition:

Idaho does have a high suicide rate amongst our youth and the numbers continue to grow.

The hope is that new legislation will provide further education for educators to help spot warning signs in kids.

At this time, not every school district provides suicide prevention gatekeeper trainings.

House Bill 634 "The Jason Flatt Act" of Idaho will require all educators to partake in suicide prevention training. The bill passed with flying colors, and Governor Otter signed it into law on Monday, March 26th. Idaho is now the 20th state in the country to pass the bill, which this writer is hoping becomes a federal issue so all 50 states will have to participate. The more our teachers and figures of authority know about suicide prevention, the better chance we have to protect our young people. Good news!

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