Far up in northern Idaho sits the small town of Sandpoint, Idaho. With a population of just over 8,000 people-- the town is a popular vacation destination and the housing market has been on fire as of late. That isn't all that is going on in Sandpoint, however. The small town is home to many local businesses, business owners, and even tech firms.

One tech firm based out of Sandpoint, Idaho is making national headlines this week and it's all because of a major lawsuit that they are facing--from the Federal Trade Commission. Better known as the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission has filed a suit against the Idaho-based data broker "Kochava".

According to the FTC, Kochava has violated part of the FTC Act which prohibits unfair deceptive practices in commerce.

  As you can see from the information above, by "deceptive practices in commerce, the FTC is most worried about Kochava selling location data based around mobile device users and their being tracked at sensitive locations, such as abortion clinics. This lawsuit is the first of its kind following the overturning of Roe v Wade and it is anticipated that more could surface. When the FTC voted to bring the lawsuit to fruition, it passed 4-1.    


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