A few weeks ago, I encouraged you to request your absentee ballot and vote, since the State of Idaho's primaries will be by absentee ballot, only. When I posted the photo of my ballot above, I covered up my name and address.

Well, apparently that was for nothing. I'm not tough to find. So, My legal name is Matt Walling and on March 28th, I requested the democratic primary ballot. I returned it via mail and it was received by the State of Idaho on April 27th. I proudly voted in Idaho's primary election.

Did I plan on telling you all of that information? Better yet--do you CARE? I think the clear answer to both of those questions is: NO.

An Idaho organization, however, sees the value in sharing this and in fact, they're so passionate about it they are posting, DAILY, the information of every single Idaho resident who has requested an absentee ballot.

This information includes: your full legal name, your full street address, the date on which you requested your ballot, the date it was received, and your party affiliation.

The group calls themselves "Idaho Freedom Action" and they're an arm of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. A self-called "conservative think tank". They're also the group behind promotion of protests encouraging Idahoan's to break Governor Brad Little's orders.

The list containing my and potentially your information is all public record-- anyone can request that. Idaho State Law also says:

“No person to whom a list of statewide electors is furnished and no person who acquires a list of statewide electors prepared from such list shall use any information contained therein for the purpose of mailing or delivering any advertisement or offer for any property, establishment, organization, product, or service or for the purpose of mailing or delivering any solicitation for money, services, or anything of value. Provided, however, that any such list and label may be used for any political purpose.”

I'm not questioning the legality of the public information. I'm wondering WHY the foundation is posting it daily and pointing to it? I'm not sure where the gain in this is for them. Publicizing this list puts our information into anyones hands and who is to stop THEM from getting that info for say, advertising purposes?

How do you feel about the mass publication of this information?

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