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When was the last time that we could all say that we really listened to another person’s point of view, opinion, or stance? It sounds simple enough but I think it could use a little practice. Today is National Decency Day and I think we could use a little more. Not just in our words but in actions.

With everything going on, it sometimes feels like we have never been more divided or polarized. Sometimes even unintentionally we let that polarization spill over into what's personal.

What could be a better time to recognize and put into practice some basic decency toward our neighbors? Sure you might not see eye to eye, but at least for one day take a moment to really listen and try to understand someone else’s thoughts on the current status of our country and our community.

I love that we have some amazing listeners that actually don't agree with us. I have our guy Teddy is everything opposite what I believe when it comes to politics and even COVID-19. What's wrong with that? We enjoy throwing insults at each other ha! I also recognize he's a hard worker, loves his wife, and the ground his kids walk on. I have respect for that. Period.

Let's try to use this day to say it's okay. Honestly, it doesn't matter who you vote for because we just need great humanity. We're going through something that we all have in common and food is food. Sadly, there used to be a time when we didn't care and just enjoyed being around people that made us feel good. Take today and remind ourselves of that.

Try to observe #NationalDecencyDay let’s break it down to the basics: our ABCs.

A: Active listening
B: Better understanding
C: Compassion

I often hear the phrase that “it costs nothing to be a decent human being,” and I couldn’t agree more. It costs nothing to be kind. It costs nothing to be a listening ear. COVID-19 has effected us all in different ways and to different extents. Look for the similarities today. Don’t tear apart your neighbor, or the people at work, or your in-laws for seeing things through a different lens. Instead, try to actively listen, understand, and have compassion for WHY they see it that way. We’re all in this together.


I will share a song that will forever ring in my top lists for motivation. It doesn't matter why type of music you listen to it's only about the ones that resonate with you. We use music to relate to our own lives and help us cope. Take this Tim McGraw song and let it remind you this, always be humble and kind.

I grew up in my Texas home with these humble rules that I pray my son and daughter learn. There is no amount of money that compares to good humans. I love that Tim wrote this and moreover the people he uses to identify what America looks like.

Thanks, brother!


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