The majority of last year and for that matter then entire pandemic Taco Tuesdays were better than Fridays around the radio station. Even-though we weren't allowed to go sit at restaurants most of the time we could go hit a Taco truck or a Taco shop drive thru so I got to experience more tacos than the majority of humans in the United States. I figured it would be a good public service announcement to give you my Top 3 Taco spots since it is Cinco De Mayo Week. My disclaimer is that the taco spots I'm going to share with you are authentic Mexican food so if you're looking for Taco Bell hard shell tacos these are not the spots you want to hit. Here are my Top 3

1. Tacos Lupita aka The Taco Bus. This taco shop is located inside a bus that has been converted to be a small restaurant. The bus seats about 12 people and they're all guaranteed to have smiles from ear to ear after eating at Lupita's. Besides the amazing hospitality my favorite reason to dine at Lupita's is the handmade tortillas. As soon as she takes your order she makes the tortillas required to feed you. Delicious! Lupitas is locate at 115 16th Ave S, Nampa, ID 83651

2. La Flama makes delicious tacos but my go to is always the "Mulitas" If you want to elevate your taco experience and you love cheese, do yourself a favor hit La Flama and try these carne asada game changers. La Flama is located at 1680 N Westland Dr, Boise, ID 83704

3. Tacos El Chavo will never disappoint. The Taco truck sits on the side of a Boise bench home and they have incredibly savory tacos. The tortillas are warmed up on the same grill as the meat and tend to pick up some of the flavor the meat leaves behind. It's almost like they know exactly how moist the tortilla needs to be to make your tacos out of this world delicious. El Chavo is located at  2915 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83705.

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