Nelly hits the Boise Music Festival stage June 25th.

To make sure you're not the person in the back going "Um....who?" let's recap some of the rapper's biggest hits.


#5 - Air Force Ones

Yes, there are other rap songs about shoes. But this is THE rap song about shoes. I hope someday to be wealthy enough to not only buy all the shoes in the song, but be one of those guys that wears the shoes one time then gives them to a thrift store.

#4 - Dilemma (ft/ Kelly Rowland)

After a few years of putting out hip hop and club bangers, Nelly recruited Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child to help him get in touch with his sensitive side. While it was a drastic departure for Nelly, it paid off. 'Dilemma' was a monster hit for the St. Louis native.

#3 - Ride Wit Me

For all the kids out there, this song is 100% not about using drugs. It is about having a lovely Sunday drive with your friends whilst doing positive things in your community.

#2 - Hot In Herre

Before Nelly, the word was pronounced "Here" as in, rhymes with "Ear." After 'Hot In Herre' erupted, we all learned better. It's "Here" as in, rhymes with "Fur."

#1 - Country Grammer

Nelly's debut record exploded onto radio in the summer of 2000. No one knew who he was, and had never heard another M.C. who sounded anything like him. For the head honcho of the St. Lunatics, this is where the crazy ride started.

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