Merry Christmas 🎄 Say hello to Santa and welcome to Whoville! Take a drive out to Middleton on Saturday and join the annual Christmas Parade. This year's theme is, "Welcome to Whoville."

Can you believe I never saw or read the Grinch until this year? True story. It's the things you learn when being a dad with most of the credit going to my wife. Christmas spirit is something she creates and paints a magical picture for our son Lennox. It's not about toys, but about the feeling you get. My son gets to feel the same chills I get every time I watch these great Christmas movies. This weekend Middleton brings that same Christmas Spirit to life as they transform into Whoville!

The Chamber of Commerce is holding the annual event which also includes a parade. You can find the route beginning at Middleton Middle school down Main Street out to the Middleton Trolley Square. You can witness the Grinch, special tree lighting ceremony, coloring contests, bakery games, and SANTA!

Temperatures will be freezing ❄️ so bundle up with highs in the low 30's. Get more details including route and applications HERE.

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Check out this reading of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Datelines Keith Morrison

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