I have no kids, but I still watch Disney Channel's Girl Meets World religiously.  They've done a great job bringing the original cast members back into the fold with believable story lines.  Season 2 brings back more of your favorites!

Disney already unveiled that Will Friedle and William Daniels will be reprising their roles as Eric Matthews and George Feeney in a Season 2 episode called "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels."

But now they're treating fans of the original series to two more treats! Trina McGee and Blake Clarke will find their way into the spinoff in their roles as Shawn's ex-girlfriend Angela and his late father, Chet Hunter.

Clarke made appearances as the ghost of his character in several episodes in the late seasons of the original series, including the series finale as Cory, Topanga and Shawn are getting ready to start their new lives in New York.

Angela's storyline should be interesting, as Shawn's already told Riley and Maya the story of getting to know Angela sight unseen by going through her purse in High School.  You can tell he's still hurt by the fact that she left him to move to Europe with her father.  He was ready to propose to keep her in the United States at the end of the original series.


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