Back in the day, I use to ride motorcycles, allot. There was something awesome and exhilarating about riding. The unfortunate part was that I wasn't any good at riding a motorcycle. I totaled three( that's right THREE) motorcycles and somehow survived. When I totaled my last one, I figured the third time was enough and gave up riding forever. Riding is dangerous and unfortunately two riders from Mountin Home tragically died in a accident today.

Idaho State Police say Christopher Pierpont, 42, was operating a 2007 Yamaha motorcycle, with a passenger, Christine Pierpont, 43, heading west on I-84 when the motorcycle struck a construction barrel. Police say Christopher lost control, and he and Christine were thrown off of the motorcycle. They both died at the scene.

What strikes me about this unfortunate tragedy is that both riders were wearing a helmet. It's a reminder to riders to be safe, be alert and ride safely.



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