I have to be honest.  I have a pair of CK boxer briefs own it!  I think they probably cost me $29.99 and I can't tell you how long they've been in the line-up.  These things are my medal!  Still $29.99 and what have I gotten from those:

  1. Amazing comfort yo!
  2. Feeling like David Beckham.
  3. Looking good.
  4. Yea, what she said.  All the above.

I mean what can the Victoria's Secret $10 Million Dollar Bra do that my.....well...they actually have nothing to do with each other.  Still.  What would I do with a $10 Million Dollar Pair of Boxers????  Maybe, I'm just jealous!  Men across the world are even jealous that we don't have some rich boxer briefs or that Adam Levine had the hottest lady working that runway.  Either way it's not fair!

Take a look and let me know if you'd rock a $10 Million Dollar Bra and could it ever be worth it???