Our neighboring state of Washington has proposed the "late merge zipper method as follows: It applies when two lanes are merging, and consists of drivers using both lanes of traffic until reaching the defined merge area, and then alternating in zipper fashion into the single lane.”

It sounds logical, right? Utilizing as many lanes as possible for as long as possible, until the lane comes to an end and then zippering together into one lane. I try to drive like this as often as possible, but there's always people who get upset that you waited and won't let you in, which I find ridiculous. This is the best way to keep traffic moving!

I mean, just watch the simulations. It makes the most sense. I bet my home state of WA will pass this, which would mean drivers would be required to learn the method in driver’s education courses and be tested on it when applying for a license. 

If Washington passes this bill, think Idaho could be next? What do you think about the zipper merging method?

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