Galentine's Day, the day I thought I created in 2015 after becoming happily single following two long term relationships, only to find out that millions of other single women were already celebrating this day as well. And honestly, the more the merrier.

Well since 2015 I've been single and loving it. But every year, February 14th comes around and you're reminded that you don't have a 'loved one' that's sharing the day with you. But that doesn't have to be true. You can celebrate with your best gal friends today, day before V-Day or tomorrow on actual Valentine's Day. Either goes.

Here's a few of my favorite ways to celebrate with best friends:

Group workout: Grab your bestie and hit your usual yoga class, gym spot OR try something totally new to celebrate! If you've been wanting to try crossfit, or pilates, or martial arts, Galentine's is a perfect opportunity to try it out with your friends. Working out and sweating it out is a great way to feel strong and confident! One of my favorite mood-boosters.

Make a dinner you've never made before: I've been vegetarian for a few years and I've gotten into a habit of making a lot of the same dishes that I'm comfortable with. Last night my friend Holly came over who's recently trying out fully plant-based (vegan) so we made a recipe I've never tried before. Roasted veggie pasta with no oil and gnocchi instead of regular pasta. It was SO good and so fun to cook with a friend! Try out a new dish!

Gift exchange over drinks: Everyone loves getting flowers or a fun little gift, and Galentine's Day should be no different! Make a date with your bestie to have a beverage and set a gift limit of whatever you're comfortable with and treat each other to something they love!

However you end up spending G-Day or V-Day, it's all about love, whether you find that in friends or a significant other. How will you be celebrating?!

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