I'll be honest: when I heard we were having BBQ for lunch this afternoon, I wasn't excited. It's hot outside and when the weather is like this, all I want is vegetables and cold water. Not hot meat. Maybe I'm crazy.

Plot twist: this lunch was the best decision we've made in a LONG time and I wanted to share this spot with you, if you've never been, and shed some light on a great local bbq restaurant.

Our guy Mike here at the office told us all about how amazing Rib Shack BBQ in Eagle was so today, we rolled out there to check it out. We walked in and were greeted by the SWEETEST staff (who were bumping 103.5 KISS FM in the dining area, by the way), and the menu had just about everything you could want. I splurged on some burnt ends, a few ribs, and a really great broccoli side. Of course, we had to share a dessert, too, which was to die for.

If you're looking for a great BB spot in the Treasure Valley, check out Rib Shack in Eagle-- they've got the 103.5 KISS FM stamp of approval!

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